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RS-R 12-H102S ExMag Catback Exhaust System Honda CRX 88-91 Image1
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RS-R ExMag Catback Exhaust System Honda CRX 88-91

  • Designed for street enthusiast

  • Low profile exhaust tone

  • High quality. Made in Japan

RS-R 12-H102S ExMag Catback Exhaust System Honda CRX 88-91
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Product Details

RS*R Ex-Mag Exhaust Systems provide maximum performance with a subtle appearance that is designed for the street enthusiast. Many street enthusiasts know how loud a canister or "cannon" type exhaust can be when driving around town. These exhausts also produce sounds that surpasses the legal limit, making you a target for a fix-it-ticket or something even worse. This is where the low profile advantage of the RS*R Ex-Mag exhaust system come into play. The Ex-Mag series is a sleek and subtle exhaust system made with SUS 304 and is unpolished to keep your vehicle off the police radar. This exhaust produces a mild tone that hides the performance gains throughout the entire power band giving you the performance, style, and sound for everyday driven performance vehicle.


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