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RS-R Engine Oil Optimizer 300ml

  • Additive for Engine Oil

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Smoother Running

RS-R RAN-UP Engine Oil Optimizer 300ml
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RS-R RAN-UP enhances engine efficiency at the microscopic level. Utilizing key components that have been derived from aerospace robotics, this specially formulated mixture of nano ceramics reduces friction throughout all oil-lubricated pares of the engine. This creates an environment where ending performance can reach its maximum potential.

With increase in popularity, RAN-UP users are reporting gains measured at the wheels from 2-15WHP on an average! (Depending on engine condition) 


The LARGE 300ML is enough for 2 oil changes on most typical 4 cylinder sport compact engines! While the entire bottle is sufficient for V6-V8 engines.


RAN-UP is a good way to add that extra horsepower without doing much to your engine! 

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