Eneos 3200-302-1Qt 5W30 Sustina Oil - 1 qt  Image1
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Eneos 5W30 Sustina Oil - 1 qt

  • Weight: 5w30

  • Stable Oil Viscosity

  • Reduce internal Engine Drag

Eneos 3200-302-1Qt 5W30 Sustina Oil - 1 qt
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Eneos 5W30 Sustina Engine Oil 6qt Pack

SUSTINA motor oil is designed to provide long lasting, detergent cleaning power. SUSTINA utilizes the sulfur-free characteristics of ZP, a proprietary additive chemistry that reduces the formation of sulfuric acid, keeping your engine cleaner and running longer.

Most engine oil today contains detergent additives to clean your engine as well as "Zinc", or actually Zinc DialkylDithiophosphates (ZDDP/ZDTP) to provide antiwear performance.To prevent grime attaching to engine parts, the detergent additive encapsulates dirt and grime, holding it in suspension away from critical engine parts.Typical ZDDP additive prevents metal-to-metal contact in the engine by forming a protective layer over the surface. The antiwear additive also contains sulfur, which can form harmful acids when exposed to heat, water, and oxygen.These acids will begin to attack and breakdown detergent additives in the oil. Once the detergent additives are depleted, the engine oil can no longer hold dirt & soot in suspension, allowing these contaminants to build up on engine components. Sustina is made using ZP technology, a revolutionary new antiwear additive chemistry that does not contain sulfur. The lack of sulfur and acidic byproducts prevents oil degradation and achieves superior protection while keeping your engine clean.

Sustina utilizes Nippon Oil's own W BASE base oil technology to maintain an extremely stable oil viscosity over a wide temperature range.This technology allows SUSTINA to be very fluid at cold temperatures, reducing internal engine drag and improving fuel economy up to 2% when compared to currently available fuel conserving GF-4 oils of the same viscosity.Typical synthetic base oil is made up of carbon and hydrogen ring-shaped molecular structures. As these structures move, they tend to collide and intertwine, slowing their movement especially at low temperatures, resulting in very high cold start viscosity.W BASE technology realigns the carbon and hydrogen structure into a relatively straight line, allowing free movement of the molecules even at low temperatures, providing lower engine drag and improved fuel efficiency.

  • Benefit- A cleaner, longer lasting engine
  • ZP Technology- Sulfur free additive a component
  • Proven 2% improvement in fuel efficency over GF-4 Oil
  • W BASE Technology- High Viscosity Index base oil

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