Berk Technology BT1904-HFC-MET EVO X 08-13 High flow 3" Cat CEL Fix Wideband Bung Image1
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Berk Technology EVO X 08-13 High flow 3" Cat CEL Fix Wideband Bung

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  • Increase Power

Product Details

High flow metallic substrate catalytic converters, OBDII & 49 state compliant. Full stainless steel construction. Our test data shows that this cat flows 87% as well as a test pipe vs. 43% for the OEM Cat. Smog legal, high flow, no test pipe smell. You can have it all.Fits Evo X

  • 3.00" Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel Tubing & Flanges
  • Built in non-fouler (CEL Fix) to help prevent check engine lights
  • Includes pre-cat wideband bung
  • Includes wideband bung plug
  • Metallic 200 cell high flow catalyst
  • No Taper on tube or flanges, get the full 3" diameter throughout
  • New gaskets and hardware included
  • Made in the USA
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