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HKS EVC Boost Controller VI

  • Full Color TFT Display

  • Allows precision tuning

  • Upgrade CPU

HKS 45003-AK010 EVC Boost Controller VI
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Product Details

This HKS EVC is an electronic boost controller designed to improve upon previous generations.  New improvements include better boost stability at high RPMs and high boost to provide more top-end power, and a new mapping feature to fine-tune for throttle+RPM (or vehicle speed).

This unit is capable of handling up to 300kPa, or 43PSI.


Features include:

  • Full color TFT monitor adoption of clear and visibility excellent.
  • Induction logging, easy-to-understand screen monitor to navigate you through the system.
  • The valve unit employs a stepping motor of maturity. 
  • Size of the valve is a compact design about 2/3 compared with conventional also.
  • Dramatically improved speed is controlled by the CPU "EVC Hyper engine new generation".
  • Supercharging pressure control is possible in a wide range of up to normal ~ 300kPa.

This boost controller is one of the best units in the market.

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