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AEM Electronics Dyno-Shaft Pro Series

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AEM Electronics 30-4854 Dyno-Shaft Pro Series
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AEM 30-4854 Dyno-Shaft Pro Series. Spline & Seal: 30 on 31 spline, 1.685 Seal Diameter. Transmission: Ford C-6, T-45, T-56 Magnum, FMX and Top Loader. U-Joint: Uses 1350 SERIES U-Joint!

AEM uses a set of laboratory-grade strain gauges inside of a supplied calibrated slip yoke to measure Torque at the driveshaft. Essentially, the Dyno-Shaft slip yoke assembly becomes the sensor for measuring driveshaft Torque. This is combined with a driveshaft speed sensor to precisely measure the rotational speed of the yoke to determine RPM. The combination of real Torque and RPM readings allow the Dyno-Shaft to output Torque and Horsepower numbers as accurately as any dynamometer but in a more useful setting, and eliminates all of the inaccuracies associated with accelerometer or GPS based systems.

The data broadcast device (Controller) for the Dyno-Shaft yoke is non-contact, does not have slip rings, does not require batteries and is maintenance free. This Controller installs over the transmission tail shaft housing and allows information from the Dyno-Shaft to be transmitted via AEMnet (AEM's CAN bus communications network) to a data logger, AEM or other programmable engine management system or custom dash.

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