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APEXi 507-N009 Dual Funnel Power Intake Kit Z32 Image1
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APEXi Dual Funnel Power Intake Kit Z32

   3 reviews

  • Built in funnel velocity stack

  • Dry type, oil free air filter

  • (10%) low presssure loss

APEXi 507-N009 Dual Funnel Power Intake Kit Z32
List Price: $119.00
$113.05  Save 5%

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Product Details

APEXi Dual Funnel Power Intake System for 1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX VG30DE/TT features a dual funnel system to reduce air turbulence within the filter resulting in smoother airflow. This is a maintenance free dry type air filter that will not create problems arising from oil from "wet type" filters interfering with Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) readings. One of the best aftermarket air intake kits available for your 300ZX.

Product Reviews and Ratings

5.0 out of 5.0 based on 3 reviews

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By edith

Aug 26, 2015

Great product fitment perfect. You realy feel the diffrence when driving a lot more torque! For me it was like nigth and day. I had a lot of cars with turbo and tryed a cone filter but on the 300zx you can really feel more power after the install. I love it.! A musst for Z owners a lot of torque for less money. Make sure you have at least downpipe and catback installed.

By Pawel

Apr 24, 2009

Best filter available for Z32 MAF equipped cars.

By Francis

Apr 3, 2009


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