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ATP Dual Ball Bearing Turbo without Turbine Housing

  • 4in Inlet 2in Outlet

  • Built in anti-surge

  • GT35 Style

Product Details

Garrett GTX3576R Dual Ball Bearing Turbo without Turbine Housing

New GTX3576R dual ball bearing turbo with ultra boost responsive and ultra high flow compressor wheel. **Turbine Housing is sold separately and is the same as one used on GT35R. Compressor housing on this turbo is compact GT3076R style. Stock Compressor housing is T04E Frame (same as GT3076R) and has 4" inlet and 2" outlet


  • Compressor housing is GT35 style with 4" inlet and 2" outlet but has built in anti-surge machining.
  •  Actuator and bracket sold separately 
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The unmatched performance of the Garrett® GTX Turbochargers is now available for even more of the Garrett® dual ball bearing turbocharger lineup! Boasting 10-20% measurable gains in flow and pressure ratio, the Garrett® GTX wheels have proven their worth on some of the meanest street machines and dedicated track monsters in the world.

Garrett® GTX wheels feature next-generation aerodynamics, fully machined from forged aluminum alloy. Each wheel is performance tested in stateof-the-art laboratories to insure the best design is used to deliver provable results without guesswork.

Garrett® GTX Turbochargers will be available in a GTX3576R.

The Garrett GTX3576R provides an excellent compressor wheel/turbine wheel match that delivers the power of the traditional GT3582R in a GT30-size package.

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