RS-R M609W Down SUS Lowering Springs Mazda Mazda 2 2007+ DE5FS Image1
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RS-R Down SUS Lowering Springs Mazda Mazda 2 2007+ DE5FS

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RS-R M609W Down SUS Lowering Springs Mazda Mazda 2 2007+ DE5FS
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RS-R, the number one aftermarket spring manufacturer in Japan is proud to bring their technology and know-how to the US. Though all springs may look like they are the same, their performance is not. And because RS-R takes into account that every model of car has its own characteristics, the lowering springs ensure more than just the look you desire. Just because they fit, does not mean they were meant to perform properly for the car. Now available in the US, RS-R currently offers two types of lowering springs in the US, the Down Sus, and the Super Down.

The Down Sus provides a lowered stance and improved handling to fulfill your needs to lower your car and improve its handling. While the Super down takes the car even lower for the more aggressive look and feel if you so desire. In both spring choices, RS-R stays committed to providing comfort and performance that is matched to your vehicles characteristics. Taking into consideration the factory suspension geometry, shock dampening, spring rate and ride height levels, RS-R ensures that the springs you are getting were made for your car both for performance and for comfort.

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