Cusco LSD 872 F2 Delica D5 Cv5W LSD RS2 Way  Image1
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Cusco Delica D5 Cv5W LSD RS2 Way

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Cusco LSD 872 F2 Delica D5 Cv5W LSD RS2 Way
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Featuring high tension chrome molybdenium steel housing and gears the Cusco LSD is up for the task of serious competition. With large oil windows for increased flow and Cusco's original groove cut technology for improved efficiency on the clutch plates, stability and longevity is promoted. The Cusco LSD utilizes coil springs located between the pressure rings to develop initial torque and features full engagement during acceleration and partially under deceleration. The use of coil springs rather than cone plates help promote faster, smoother engagement, along with higher durability.

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