Cusco BRD-D23ACS DIGO +C Sport Comfort Reclinable Seat  Image1

Cusco DIGO +C Sport Comfort Reclinable Seat

  • Shoulder Width (mm): 535

  • Seat Width (mm): 500

  • Top to bottom ht. (mm): 890

Cusco BRD-D23ACS DIGO +C Sport Comfort Reclinable Seat
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Product Details

Cusco x Bride Digo+C Sport Comfort Reclinable Seat 


One of the biggest collaborations between two respected companies is finally here. The Cusco X Bride seats are finally available for order after their huge debut at SEMA 2012.


The DIGO+C offers exceptional strengthened seat surface area and a superior holding design. This seat is perfect for driving enthusiasts looking for high comfort and better seat holding than oem seats. The medium rise in the side bolsters also allow for easier entry and exiting in and out of the car. 



  • Fireproof Material
  •  Safety Standard Compliant (Japan)
  •  Black Base Color
  •  Weighs 14kg/31lbs

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