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Longacre Computerscales Wireless DXi Retrofit Less Pad Case

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Computerscales WIRELESS DXI Retrofit less pad case

Upgrade to Wireless!!

It is now easy to upgrade to a wireless scale system. These Retrofit systems include a control box and 4 Wireless modules with short cables that plug into your current pads. Calibration will be correct for virtually all 15" Longacre scales (not kart pads). If needed these systems can be field calibrated. The Wireless pad module is in a separate enclosure for protection. Your old wired box can be kept for emergencies.

78211 Retrofit system includes DXI control box in silver case and 4 wireless pad modules. (Pad storage box not included.)

The Ultimate in Convenience

Wireless DXI Control Box
This Professional model shows all 4 wheel weights on separated displays for easiest viewing. Also shows ALL partial % and weights on a separate 4 line display that can be easily customized to your preferences. An easy-to-use Memory stores 8 setups with instant recall.

The connection uses the very latest 802.15.4 DSSS wireless protocol at 2.3 GHz and is secure and virtually "unhackable". Power consumption is so low that no charger is needed. Change the batteries only once a season or less!

METRIC OPTION: The DXI control box is user switchable to metric readings. Please use the comments section of the order form if you require metric and we'll make sure it gets switched for you.


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