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Longacre Computerscales Wireless Accuset II

  • Perfect for Track

  • Longacre Quality

  • DIY Alignment Setup

Product Details

Basic Wireless Model

  • Uses the very latest 802.15.4 DSSS wireless protocol at 2.3 GHz for the ultimate in security and reliability.
  • Power consumption is so low the batteries only need to be changed once a season or even less.
  • No cables to work around. Transmitters are completely enclosed inside the pads for protection. No antennas to knock off, no fragile external modules dangling off the side.
  • System includes Wireless control box in silver case and set of 4 LMF Swirl finished 15"" x 15"" low profile pads with single load cells - 1500 lbs per pad capacity.
  • To protect your pads (they have electronics inside) from damage we strongly recommend our pad storage box. See part number 72292.


Wireless AccuSet II Control Box

  • Simple to use - just push 2 buttons to get everything you need!
  • Push one button for all 4 wheel weights
  • Push a second button for all partial %


The connection uses the very latest 802.15.4 DSSS wireless protocol at 2.3 GHz and is secure and virtually ""unhackable"". Power consumption is so low that no charger is needed. Change the batteries only once a season or less!


NEW for 2013 " Baseline Memory Recall
Store your baseline setup in Memory. Then recall it instantly to compare to the current setup. Saves time writing it down " always handy. This 1 slot memory is really handy and is super easy to use.


Satin Finished Scale Pads
These new pads have a proprietary Satin finish and are flat to within .010"". Transmitters are completely enclosed inside the pads. No antennas to knock off or external modules dangling on the side! (Set of 4 included)


LMF - Liquid Metal Forging
Most of our scale pads are produced by this new state-of-the-art process that gives high material strength plus allows intricate internal ribs that give you as rigid a pad as possible for the most accurate weights.


METRIC OPTION:The AccuSet II control box is user switchable to metric readings. Please use the comments section of the order form if you require metric and we'll make sure it gets switched for you.


Longacre ComputerScales are not designed for, certified for or recommended for use with aircraft.

Control Box
  Model: Wireless AccuSet II
  Memory: 1 slot
  Batteries: 6 AA
  Case: Silver
  Size: 15"" x 15"" x 2 1/2""
  Capacity: 1500 lb per pad
  Batteries: 3 AA per pad
  Finish: LMF Satin finish
  Load cells per pad: 1


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