Longacre 72624 Computerscales Accuset II Karting 12" X 12" Image1
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Longacre Computerscales Accuset II Karting 12" X 12"

  • Perfect for Track

  • Longacre Quality

  • DIY Alignment Setup

Product Details

Computerscales AccuSet II Karting 12" x 12"


A Quality System For Teams On A Budget

NEW for 2012  Baseline Memory Recall
Store your baseline setup in Memory. Then recall it instantly to compare to the current setup. Saves time writing it down always handy. This 1 slot memory is really handy and is super easy to use.

  • Large 4 line display shows all 4 wheels and ALL partial %
  • 12" CNC machined dead flat pads - 400 lb. capacity - Set of 4
  • Easy to use - just set them up and turn them on
  • 1/10% accuracy
  • Face is slanted for easier viewing
  • Comes with silver carrying case and heavy duty Red cables
  • 2 year limited warranty


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