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Longacre Chassis Height Measurement Tool - Short (Set Of 4)

  • Highly Accurate

  • Longacre Quality

  • Perfect for DIYers

Product Details

Chassis Height Measurement Tool - Short (Set of 4)


Works in 3 Different Ways


  • Car on the ground - measures chassis height directly, accurate to 1/16".
  • Car on scale pads - measures from top of pads - ground level - to frame directly (no subracting needed here).
  • Measures chassis heightdynamically, as you work on the car. Magnet holds tape to frame. Indicator shows height as the car moves up and down. Use set of 4 to quickly see height at all 4 corners. You don't even need to bend over.
    • 24" for perimeter frames
    • Measures height from 2" to 10" (higher if needed)
    • Works 3 ways - with scale pads or without
    • Set of 4

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