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HKS CAMP2 A/V Meter System

  • Multi-meter system

  • Uses your own screen

  • Additional sensors available

HKS 48001-AK001 CAMP2 A/V Meter System
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HKS 48001-AK001 CAMP2 A/V Meter System


The long-awaited return of HKS' CAMP system is now a reality with the release of CAMP2. CAMP2 is an all-in-one engine multi-meter system that is incorporated with a vehicle's on-board factory or aftermarket monitor.

The launch of the CAMP2 comes just as HKS celebrates its 35th Anniversary. The first generation CAMP was released by HKS in 1996. At that time, it was the first monitoring system of its kind allowing users to view vehicle engine information. During the time of CAMP's initial release, on-board factory monitors were still rarities in cars available in North America and aftermarket units were not as commonly seen as they are today. CAMP2 is now available for purchase through your authorized HKS dealer.




  • Users can view up to 6 simultaneous readings while monitoring up to 24 data signals from the vehicles OBD2 port and optional HKS Sensors.
  • Installation is simple and connects to the vehicle's self-diagnostic OBD2 port enabling the CAMP2 to function on a variety of vehicles and applications.
  • CAMP2’s menu features are user switchable to Metric or SAE readings according to user region.
  • ECO Drive – Programmable calculations for fuel costs, average fuel consumption, and fuel efficiency lets the user monitor real time data readings. (Vehicle applications vary, ECO option is only available to vehicles with the abillity to read Injector and Speed data)
  • An included remote control allows the user to switch between functions and modes. (The remote control receiver is separate from the base unit allowing convenient, user friendly placement.)
  • CAMP2 allows map editing for the F-CON S/SZ/iS. (Map editing can be done only for unlocked maps; please consult with your Certified HKS Pro Dealer.)


Some Nissan vehicles may require the optional CONSULT harness.
Vehicles equipped with an HKS F-Con S/SZ/iS and V-Pro can purchase an optional HKS F-CON connection harness* for additional monitoring features.(*For vehicles equipped with the HKS F-Con S/SZ/iS and V-Pro Engine Management system)


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