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Megan Racing SSH-KA24 Bottom Mount T25/T28 Turbo Manifold  KA24DE 240sx Image1
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Megan Racing Bottom Mount T25/T28 Turbo Manifold KA24DE 240sx

  • Works w/ most T2x series turbo

  • Designed for SR20 elbow + DP

  • Bottom mount just like SR20

Megan Racing SSH-KA24 Bottom Mount T25/T28 Turbo Manifold  KA24DE 240sx
List Price: $200.00
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Product Details

Megan SSH-KA24 Bottom Mount T25/T28 Turbo Manifold Header - KA24DE


Great for budget turbo setup for those with access to a used T25 turbo. This will also work with the T28/GT28R/GT2871R turbos available in our store for the ultimate spooling and reponse on the KA motor. Many turbo trims are available to suit whatever you're using it for. This was designed to be used with the SR20DET elbow and downpipe such as (megan, greddy, tomei). Due to some cars having completely different setups (mounts, exhausts, elbow, downpipe) some minor fab or fitting may be required to get everything to fit. Some people have been able to use SR elbow and DP with no modification while other require very little.


For a great cost conscious alternative with same quality, please check out M2 Performance TP-136 Stainless Steel Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold - Nissan KA24DE


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