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ATP MIA-FUL-007 Bosch In-Line Fuel Pump Image1
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ATP Bosch In-Line Fuel Pump

  • In Line Pump

  • 100 psi max

  • Up to 500 hp

Product Details

"The Bosch Super In-line Pump is the king of all in-line fuel pumps. Is capable of keep high (up to 100 psi constant) fuel pressure under boost without pressure drop-off. This pump keeps fuel pressures rock solid where the little "carter" or "t-rex" pump has failed to keep up. COmes with banjo fittings to convert both ends to slip on barb. This pump can also easily convert to -6 applications handling up to 500 HP applications. On all in-line pump installations, we recommend a separate 12v relay rather than sharing the same power source as the main pump."

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