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Turbonetics Ball Bearing TN 500 Turbo

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Turbonetics 11517-BB Ball Bearing TN 500 Turbo
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Turbonetics Ball Bearing TN 500 Turbo

The TN500 is a cost effective implementation of Turbonetics 60-1 compressor wheel and an F1-62 (62mm) T3 turbine. The 60-1 compressor wheel is a track proven versatile compressor wheel made popular in applications ranging from mid sized 6 cylinder engines to 4 cylinder engines looking for excellent power and boost response with low to moderate pressure ratios. Combined with Turbonetics largest T3 turbine wheel (F1-62) this turbocharger is ideal in most 6 cylinder and several 4 cylinder applications. As with all of Turbonetics TN series turbos this unit comes standard with a water cooled bearing section (16mm wet bearing) and is available in either a standard bearing or Turbonetics patented ceramic ball bearing configuration.

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