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Turbonetics Ball Bearing TN 1000 Turbo

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Turbonetics 11530-BB Ball Bearing TN 1000 Turbo
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Turbonetics Ball Bearing TN 1000 Turbo

Our Super T Series turbos have long been well regarded by street and strip fans alike. With massive power potential and excellent efficiency our Super T Series have been one of the best shows in town for some time. We didn't want to leave out that kind of power and performance from our cost friendly TN Series. The TN 800 delivers on that promise to provide you with uncompromised performance at an affordable cost. This unit marries an HP76 (76mm) compressor wheel in a Super T Series compressor cover with our F1-68 (68mm) turbine wheel to deliver 1000 HP worth of air without breaking the bank. This unit ships standard with our Turbonetics patented ceramic ball bearing section and 16mm water cooling ports to longevity and reliability to go with that monster power.

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