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Aeromotive A2000 Bypass Regulator

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Product Details

Aeromotive A2000 Bypass Regulator

Dynamic flow and rock steady pressure make this regulator perfect for naturally aspirated or carbureted blow-through applications. The A2000 Bypass Regulator provides unmatched boost reference and high flow capacity. Compatible with any high volume electric or mechanical fuel pump.
• Adjustable from 2-20 PSI.
• Bypass design provides the ultimate, dynamic fuel delivery system. (Requires AN-10 return line)
• Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio when referencing boost.
• ORB-10 inlet and return ports.
• P/N 13202 provides (4) ORB-08 outlet ports.

Note: High pressure, boost reference applications require high volume, high pressure fuel pumps. EFI capable, electric or mechanical pumps like the Aeromotive Pro-Series (P/N 11102), Eliminator (P/N 11104), or Belt Drive Fuel Pump (P/N 11105) are strongly recommended.

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