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Nismo 40222-RS045 60mm Extended Wheel Studs 240SX S14 (F) Image1
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Nismo 60mm Extended Wheel Studs 240SX S14 (F)

   1 review

  • Great for spacers

  • Run wider wheels

  • Made for factory hubs

Product Details

Nismo 60mm Extended Wheel Studs for S14 240SX (Front). Length is 60mm and diameter is 14.3mm. If you use spacers or any kind of open ended lug nuts, it is recommended to upgrade your studs to accomodate for the lost of threading. Always take extra precaution when buying the right lug nuts and determining which threading or pitch you need. Wheel studs are an important part of your car and your safety, don't overlook the fact that a 5mm spacer can still create stress on your lug nuts if there are not enough threading.


Price is for 10 extended wheel studs. 

Product Reviews and Ratings

5.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

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By rocca

Feb 25, 2009

excellent quality