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ACT NZ1-HDR6 6 Puck Unsprung Clutch Kit 350Z G35 VQ35DE 3.5L Image1
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ACT 6 Puck Unsprung Clutch Kit 350Z G35 VQ35DE 3.5L

  • Holds up to 582 ft/lbs Torque

  • Heavy Duty Pressure Plate

  • Better Clutch Engagement

ACT NZ1-HDR6 6 Puck Unsprung Clutch Kit 350Z G35 VQ35DE 3.5L
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Product Details

ACT is widely known for their quality performance parts for various vehicles. Whether it be for daily driving or competitive track performance, ACT has a provided different types of clutch kits for all driving styles. Being in the industry for 10yrs and going, they are able to design clutch kits to work with the car's engine modification and drivetrain.

This clutch kit is the ACT 6 Puck Unsprung for the Nissan 350Z 2003-06 VQ35DE and Infiniti G35 Coupe/Sedan 2003-06 VQ35DE. The kit comes with a heavy duty pressure plate, 6 pads race disc, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and a clutch alignment tool.

Torque Capacity: Approximately 582 ft/lbs

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