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Manufacturer: 5Zigen

5zigen one of the leading innovators of the lightweight rims brings out a couple different designs such as a 5 spoke 6 spoke and multi-spoke design. Their wheels are backed up by the most intense research and development which makes them number one on the road and track. If you’re looking for lightweight speed and style and offers flat black, SBC, hyper black, silver, bronze looking wheels, FRSports together with 5Zigen has to offer.

5Zigen is also a manufacturer of Muffler and exhaust. 5Zigen Muffler designed for track use, this exhaust helps increase performance and give a great sound with the main pipe made from stainless steel. 5zigen exhaust manifold has been designed to improve midrange to high-end torque and power output using an advanced TIG welded 4-2-1 pipe design.

5Zigen was founded back in 1987 and quickly became one of the most popular brands in the JDM tuning world designing and producing performance exhaust systems for a variety of cars, and now manufactures a range of products, specializing in aftermarket wheels and exhaust systems. Using their high quality and performance, 5zigen meaning 5 Dimensions is now ranked as the number 3 exhaust system manufactured in Japan.


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