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Tomei 221040 4G63 Evo 85.5mm 2.2L Stroker Kit Image1
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Tomei 4G63 Evo 85.5mm 2.2L Stroker Kit

  • Full stroker kit

  • Full counter-weight & forged

  • Tomei quality & performance

Tomei 221040 4G63 Evo 85.5mm 2.2L Stroker Kit
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Product Details

Tomei Evo 4G63 full stroker kits are the PERFECT balance for the 4G63 engines and is one of the best known in the market. Each Tomei Evo 4G63 stroker kit comes with a forged crank that's fully-counterweighted, a complete set of pistons, and a set of forged H-beam connecting rods.

Tomei Evo 4G63 stroker kit bumps up the stroke from 83.6mm to 94mm, increasing your displacement to 2158cc or 2183cc for the 85.5mm and 86.0mm piston option, respectively.. This specific kit features the following:

  • Bore & Stroke (mm): 85.5 x 94
  • Displacement (cc): 2158
  • Piston Kit: Tomei Forged Piston Kit with rings and retainer clips
  • Crankshaft: Tomei Forged Counter-weighted
  • Con Rod: Tomei Forged H-beam Rods

Additional Parts & Notes:

Rod and main bearings sold seperately.  Use OEM spec'd bearings.

*** Please call for availability ***

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