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OP Parts 405 38 161 40538161 Front Brake Disc Rotor 4-lug S13 ABS & S14 97-98 Image1
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OP Parts 40538161 Front Brake Disc Rotor 4-lug S13 ABS & S14 97-98

  • OEM quality brake rotor

  • CNC machined for a perfect fit

  • Price is for ONE brake rotor

OP Parts 405 38 161 40538161 Front Brake Disc Rotor 4-lug S13 ABS & S14 97-98
List Price: $91.65
$29.12  Save 68%

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Op Parts 40538161 Front Brake Disc Rotor 4-lug S13 ABS & S14 97-98


OPParts OE Replacement Brake Rotors. When replacing your brake pads, it's recommended to either re-surface your existing brake rotors or buy new rotors so your new brake pads will be worn evenly with the rotors for extended brake life. Re-surfacing your rotors may cost anywhere between 15-20 dollars each rotor. Instead of spending money resurfacing old rotors, we recommend getting new ones. Our OE replacement brake rotors are brand new, CNC machined to OEM specification or better. These rotors are affordable alternatives to expensive OEM stock brake rotors. We also have brake pads and rear rotors available in our store for your application.

Price is for ONE brake rotor (We recommend replacing both front or rear rotors at the same time). Please make sure your vehicle fits the vehicle applications below to ensure perferct fitment.

4-lug Rotor

S13 ABS or S14 4-lug 1997-1998


This rotor is 10 1/8" in diameter & 22mm thick

**Images may vary slightly from actual product**

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