FRSPORT 1207 4000 Series Slotted Rear Brake Rotors (Pair) BRZ Limited  Image1
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FRSPORT 4000 Series Slotted Rear Brake Rotors (Pair) BRZ Limited

  • BRZ Limited Only

  • T3 Slotted Rotors

  • Slotting Deglazes Pads

FRSPORT 1207 4000 Series Slotted Rear Brake Rotors (Pair) BRZ Limited
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DBA 4000 Series Slotted Rear Brake Rotors (Pair) - Subaru BRZ Limited 13+


The 4000 Series Wiper-Slot rotor has a unique 6x6 slotted design for extreme stopping power on the road and the track. As with every DBA rotor, the 4000 Series rotor bolts right onto the vehicle with no mechanical changes needed. DBA's mid-series, enhanced-performance, slotted rotor features Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP) for improved heat handling and Thermo-Graphic paint markings for effective heat monitoring.


The ''Kangaroo Paw'' is a patented, high-tech disc rotor ventilation system designed and manufactured in Australia by Disc Brakes Australia and available on rotors for select applications. "Kangaroo Paw" technology delivers significantly improved braking performance. Even under extreme braking conditions. Kangaroo Paw rotor designs run cooler, are stronger, and outperform traditional straight-vane disc rotors.



  • Will only fit the USA Spec Subaru BRZ Limited (PN# DBA42659S)
  • Price is for two Rear Brake Rotors
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