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Nismo 3 Piece Engine and Transmission Mounts S13 S14 KA24DE SR20DET

SKU. 07TRH    Part No. 1156      4 reviews

Nismo 1156 3 Piece Engine and Transmission Mounts S13 S14 KA24DE SR20DET Image1
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Nismo 1156 3 Piece Engine and Transmission Mounts S13 S14 KA24DE SR20DET
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  • Overview

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    • 30 to 40 percent stiffer

    • Reduces engine vibrations

    • 2 engine and 1 tranny mounts

    Product Details

    Nismo 3 piece SR20DET/KA24E/KA24DE engine and transmission mounts replaces missing, broken, or worn out OEM engine and tranny mounts. This 3 piece mounts are made with more rigid bushing material to ensure less vibrations from the engine and holds the transmission tighter for easier shifting at high RPM. This kit comes with the left and right engine mounts, and the transmission mount. These mounts also can be used with the KA24DE/E by switching the left and right engine mounts around. A recommended upgrade when swapping in an SR20DET motor to replace worn out factory mounts.

  • Specifications
    Brand Nismo
    Part Number 1156
    Category Vehicle Parts ▸
    Transmission & Drivetrain ▸
    Transmission Mounts
    Item Code 07TRH
    Length 12 in.
    Width 10 in.
    Height 6 in.
    Weight 14.00 lb.
    Created Sunday, January 1, 2012
    Last Updated Monday, November 20, 2017
  • Ratings & Reviews

    Product Reviews and Ratings

    4.8 out of 5.0 based on 4 reviews

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    By Jacob

    Apr 12, 2016

    I had this shipped to Canada, and I guess FRS put $0.01 as the value of the package? because UPS had left me a voicemail saying that they needed more info and that the package was help up at the border... I'm not sure what happened because I missed the message, but it got through without my help and I had to pay an additional $30 CAD of duties and taxes... maybe that was bound to happen anyway, but it appears FRS tried something weird with the shipping which ended up backfiring :P As for the physical product: I've only driven about an hour so far with the mounts in, but they seem good. They feel like they are holding the engine tight and the power delivery feels stronger. There is a noticeable buzz of vibration though... might settle a little as they wear in. Overall I think I will like the feel of the car (stock 240SX) and my engine won't be shaking around on worn-out OEM mounts anymore :)

    By Kaiqiang

    Mar 29, 2014

    Better response from engine after install, Feel more vibration after install due to stiffer rubber. Does raise engine about 1-2 inches

    By Dean C.

    Apr 9, 2013

    Awesome mounts, amazing compared to stock junk mounts. These are perfect for a daily driver/daily drifter. They feel amazing, take away all of the slop of stock mounts without adding any vibration at all. I put these in every 240sx I build. The only problem is they raise the engine up a little but which causes strut bar clearance issues on some applications.

    By Ivan

    Mar 27, 2011

    Super stiff. Min to zero engine movement. You can't get any better than Nismo.

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