Redline 81403-EACH 1403 Engine Break-In Additive - 16 oz Image1

Redline 1403 Engine Break-In Additive - 16 oz

  • Protects camshafts and valvetr

  • Anti-wear additives

  • Extend engine life

Redline 81403-EACH 1403 Engine Break-In Additive - 16 oz

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Redline Engine Break-In Additive - 16 oz. Red Line Engine Oil Break-In Additive helps your engine break in properly after being built. With special additives like zinc and phosphorus, it can provide the necessary lubricants for the camshafts and valvetrain. This additive can also help piston seating in properly.

16oz bottle can treat up to 12 quarts of motor oil. Can be used with conventional and synthetic oils.


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