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GReddy 11550028 06 Civic SI Turbo Kit Bolt On Intercooler Image1
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GReddy 06 Civic SI Turbo Kit Bolt On Intercooler

  • T517Z 8cm2 turbo

  • E-mange Ultimate ECU tune

  • Full-bolt on turbo kit

GReddy 11550028 06 Civic SI Turbo Kit Bolt On Intercooler
List Price: $5750.00
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Product Details

GReddy Turbo Kits for naturally aspired motors provides instant horsepower gains with less time and money while still providing room for upgrading for even more power! GReddy turbo kits are specifically designed for optimal response and performance while maintaining daily drivability, comfort, and reliability. Each GReddy turbo kit is designed based off of a completely stock engine so each kit will come with all the necessary basics such as manifold, turbocharger, downpipe adapter, piping, hardware, and heat shields. Some kits even include pre-tuned piggy back ECUs or fuel pressure risers. If you want to save yourself the headaches of piecing together your own turbo kit, the GReddy turbo kit is the best kit. It comes with everything you need for a true full-bolt on installation.

Vehicle/Engine: 2006 Honda Civic SI

Turbo kit includes:

  • T517Z 8cm2 turbo
  • Cast manifold
  • E-manage Ultimate (Pre-tuned)
  • 370CC injectors
  • Type 31 Intercooler
  • Piping, fittings, clamps, hoses, etc.

**Images of product may vary slightly from actual product**

Civics from 2007 and later have electronic throttle system and the tuning will be different because the kit is designed for 2006 for non-electronic systems.

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